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A better day is when a little help makes the biggest difference…

Sometimes it can be an uphill battle to do the smallest thing if you are feeling tired, ill or a bit frail. Having a Personal Carer from a home care company like Cherish Care means you can have a little help just at the right time to make a big difference to your day.

Mrs G has care at home and spoke to her carer about how she couldn't speak to her family on the phone any more. Her carer found out that it was just that she was struggling with dialling the phone. So, a little help to dial correctly allowed Mrs G to have a chat with her daughter, which brightened her day.

Mrs B is proud of her beautiful home but was feeling frustrated that she couldn't reach the cobwebs in the corner. Sensing her dissatisfaction, her carer offered to dust for her, after helping her get up and dressed. This meant so much to Mrs B who was able to enjoy her day without worry.

Mr H loves a cup of tea but struggles with the kettle in the morning. That his carer was thoughtful enough to fill the kettle and put out a mug and tea bag the night before ensues he has a nice cup of tea in the morning and a better day.

These are just some of the moments in peoples’ lives where a little thing means a lot. The carers from Cherish Care consider these details and can help you have a better day.