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Cherish Care: Join our Team

Cherish Care is recruiting

As discussed on this blog previously, recruitment at Cherish Care is a topic that is always very close to our hearts. We would not be here without our dedicated, passionate, and caring members of staff. But we are always on the lookout for new and dynamic people to join our team. Could you be one of those people?

Caring for our employees

Social care has come in for some negative press recently. Underfunding is a problem that cannot be denied. All too often the media focuses on care scandals, which do need addressing. However, there is very little mention of all the sterling work that goes on in homes up and down the country day-in, day-out. Those working in social care are the lifeblood of our community, but are often not given the respect that they deserve. We at Cherish Care feel we redress this by cultivating a ‘care culture’ within our team.  We ask only the most motivated people to join our team and we support them well; proving that a career in care is highly valued and worthwhile.

Let’s listen to the voices of care workers, recipients and families, make visible the complexity and privilege of care, and lobby for a better future so the work will appeal to our brightest and best. People must recognise that care is the work that best demonstrates our commitment to people’s dignity when at their most vulnerable. It’s the work that makes the most profound difference. It is also the work that many of us hope to benefit from in the future.” Ann Gallagher, The Guardian.

Shared values

With the soaring cost of care home places, care at home is becoming an attractive option for more and more people. The UK as a whole needs to supply the workforce to meet that growing demand. But being a personal carer is not a career for everyone; it can be demanding both physically and mentally. A personal carer must be hard-working, affable, and share our beliefs that clients deserve to be treated with dignity at all times. That’s why we at Cherish Care are very particular in choosing the right people to join our team.

Better days for staff

But this career path is undoubtedly a satisfying one too; going home at the end of the day knowing that you have ensured your client has had a ‘better day’ through your hard efforts and attention to detail. And we want to reward that diligence. Full, paid training, competitive rates of pay (including unsocial and overtime rates), and paid travel time between clients with paid mileage are a good start. Cherish Care also want to ensure your work-life balance. We want to ensure that you too experience a ‘better day’; a day that is rewarding and full of accomplishment. If you join our team, you will be a part of a friendly, family-run, supportive company who look after their clients and employees alike. We nurture our staff and are committed to helping them grow.

I am working with a wonderfully supportive team. It's like being part of a family providing great care to the community. Knowing we make a difference to people's lives, even if it's something small, is so satisfying - SM"

Contact us

If you think a job in social care may be for you and you feel you have what it takes to join our team click here to apply online, or contact us on 01273 494990 for a chat. We are happy to discuss the role informally before you apply. If you’re a caring, hard-working, responsible people-person with a car, we are very much looking forward to hearing from you.


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