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What is the role of a Personal Carer at Cherish Care?

Recently on this blog, we discussed the ongoing need to recruit quality staff at Cherish Care. But continuing on from this, we felt it might be useful to take an in-depth look at the role of a Personal Carer, what that job entails, and what skills are needed to fulfill this important job. Looking at the very minutiae of this role may help you decide if this is a career path for you.

The Personal Carer role: What's involved?


Working as a Personal Carer is not usually a humdrum, repetitive job. Every day can be different. A task or a problem solved one day for a particular client may require an entirely different approach the following day. Because of this, a Personal Carer needs to be able to think on their feet and be quick to notice when things aren’t right – and need addressing. They must feel confident to discuss new approaches to client's needs with both clients and colleagues. It’s always good to bounce ideas off one another.


We want our Personal Carers and clients to work like a team. A carer should be able to sit down and look at the problems a client is having; daily functions that the client does not feel they can manage alone or how to achieve a goal they have had for a while. Working together (or with a family member), the Personal Carer and the client should be able to come up with solutions to these problems. People in this role can be creative and suggest ideas, being flexible rather than rigid and dictating how to manage activities. This is especially useful for clients with dementia whose care may need regular adjustment. Shared and fully-discussed decision-making is the ideal way to achieve goals, whilst always maintaining safety for both parties.

Local Knowledge

Your local knowledge will be invaluable. As a Personal Carer who knows the area well, you may have advice and contacts that make all the difference to our client’s day. For instance, your insider knowledge could make a day out in the community for a client feasible and enjoyable.

Continuing Professional Development

We at Cherish are committed to our staff receiving relevant training to fulfil their role. Without training, a Personal Carer cannot be expected to deliver up-to-date practice and safe care. That’s why we ensure appropriate training is received and the Personal Carer is paid for undertaking this.

Partnership Working

Our Personal Carers often have the most contact with our clients, and therefore, their observations are vital information for use by other healthcare professionals (like Social Workers etc.). Day-to-day evidence of what a client really requires to continue living at home is automatically collected by our staff, simply by the amount of time spent with the client. Collaborative, multidisciplinary working is an invaluable way to meet the client’s needs.

Providing Support to Family

A client may have a spouse or other family member as their main carer. As a Personal Carer, you can provide that family member support with your experience and knowledge. Your advice and assistance as a fully-trained Personal Carer may make being a full-time carer an easier role for that family member to manage.

End of Life Care

Sadly, some of our clients will require end of life care. This can be a distressing time for both client and family members. Your support, help, and kindness may make this difficult time just that little bit more bearable.

Meeting Client Expectations

Your client will have expectations of you as a Personal Carer from the Cherish team. Politeness and punctuality are a must. Our clients have sought our help so that they may continue to manage living at home. Not every client’s needs are the same, and differing clients will have differing problems that require a personalised plan. One size does not fit all. Your role as a carer will be to find ways to help clients achieve goals they cannot achieve without your assistance. The Personal Carer must always strive to achieve excellence in standard-keeping. You will be the front-line face of Cherish Care and are, therefore, a reflection of our values and beliefs.

If, after reading this, you feel you have the attributes to be a Personal Carer for Cherish Care or wish to find out some more information, please don’t hesitate to get in touch with us on 01273 494990. Or you can apply online. We are very much looking forward to hearing from you.