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Baby Boomers: your community needs you!

We at Cherish Care have often discussed recruitment on this blog, but today we wanted to speak to a certain section of society that we feel may obtain real benefits from working with us. We have been considering women from the baby boomers generation, and want to discuss what we believe we can offer them with a role in social care. Of course, we are more than happy to consider an application from any age group or gender.

I love the job I do. The feeling of making a difference to people’s lives is amazing and rewarding. There is lots of support at Cherish Care, any problems are easily sorted. I wish I’d joined Cherish Care years ago!”

Baby Boomers

Baby boomers are people typically born between the mid-1940s and mid-1960s (although this timeframe is not fixed), when there was a marked increase in birth-rate. They make up a large cohort of society, and are often associated with challenging or redefining traditional values. We at Cherish have been considering why ladies from this social demographic would be a massive benefit for the social care sector and specifically Cherish Care. These are the positive characteristics we feel they possess:-

Making a Difference

Women from this generation tend to want some personal value from their commitments. Some of our staff have cared for their own loved-ones informally in the past, and want to continue that valuable work as a career. Working in care is their way of making a difference, giving something back, but doing it throughout their working lives. These people have a sense of pride in what they do, and are passionate about their profession. Many women from this generation have had successful careers in other professions but feel they would like move into something community based that's flexible around other commitments. It’s more than a job; it’s about helping others and valuing how their time is employed. Our staff are nurtured; given the training they need to work at their very best – at their full potential. And in turn, they ensure our clients are living life at their very best too.

A Sense of Community

Baby boomers typically have a strong sense of community. What’s more, they want to contribute to it and build connections within it. Be it by use of their keen local knowledge, working for a local and reputable company with a good standing in the community, or just being an active member in the place in which they live, these women take pride in their local surroundings and its people. Working for us is a chance to share your experience and knowledge, and a chance to put change into practice within your local community.

Job Satisfaction

We at Cherish are committed to looking after our staff; paying a competitive wage that includes travel time and mileage between our client’s homes. But we are looking for staff who believe their working day should be rewarding as well. Money is important to all of us; we all have bills to pay. But we believe ladies from this generation aren’t merely motivated by money, but in a desire to have a sense of gratification from their working lives; to wake up and look forward to the challenges of each day – using their natural creativity and imagination to succeed.


We all have lives outside our professions, and we at Cherish are committed to offering our staff flexibility. Working part time, working around your family commitments, working locally to home, these are things which are important to women from this sector of society. And we can accommodate those needs, to aid a good work-life balance.

I value my job because it gives me the chance to make a real difference to people’s lives. I can help improve our client’s quality of life and wellbeing. Cherish Care are a great company to work for. We are well trained, supportive of each other, friends as well as colleagues.”

Working in social care takes a certain kind of person; keen, hardworking, resourceful, friendly, responsible and the baby boomers fit the bill. Of course, people from any age group and any gender may possess all these qualities, and if you feel you do, we would be very excited to hear from you. Please call us for an informal chat on 01273 494990 or apply online. Just like our clients, we want to make your day a better day too.