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Better Days Blog

healthy eatingA healthy diet for an older adult is essential; eating well can improve our mental agility, affect our energy levels and even our emotional state. However, energy requirements decrease with advancing years. This is due to a reduction in muscle and an increase in fat as we age, meaning that our metabolism falls. What’s more, we generally become less active as we age. Therefore, our diets must alter as we grow older. But that doesn’t mean healthy eating needs to be about ‘dieting’. Rather, we need to concentrate on eating ‘well’. ...continue reading "Healthy eating for older adults living at home"

Sometimes it can be an uphill battle to do the smallest thing if you are feeling tired, ill or a bit frail. Having a Personal Carer from a home care company like Cherish Care means you can have a little help just at the right time to make a big difference to your day. ...continue reading "A better day is when a little help makes the biggest difference…"

A Better Day is… knowing Mum or Dad are well cared for and cherished

Many people who ring us at Cherish Care are just starting on a journey of requiring care, which typically starts with care in your own home. Finding the right home care company to look after your loved one or even for yourself can be a daunting task, especially if it needs to be sorted quickly. Just finding the right company to ring in the first place can be a minefield but there are a few good ways of getting a list of potential candidates together. ...continue reading "Finding the right home care company for you or your loved one"