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We at Cherish Care have often discussed recruitment on this blog, but today we wanted to speak to a certain section of society that we feel may obtain real benefits from working with us. We have been considering women from the baby boomers generation, and want to discuss what we believe we can offer them with a role in social care. Of course, we are more than happy to consider an application from any age group or gender.

I love the job I do. The feeling of making a difference to people’s lives is amazing and rewarding. There is lots of support at Cherish Care, any problems are easily sorted. I wish I’d joined Cherish Care years ago!” ...continue reading "Baby Boomers: your community needs you!"

Any one of us can experience an episode of anxiety or depression; be it short-lived or long-term. No matter what our age, gender, or background, we can all be susceptible to deteriorating mental wellbeing. It has been suggested that one in four adults have been affected by their mental health. However, as we age, depression can become more commonplace. The longer we live, the more difficulties we may have to face; ill health, bereavement, loss of independence and mobility, loss of income – these situations can all add to our list of worries. But we must not consider mental illness par for the course as we become elderly or infirm. We at Cherish Care don’t think mental health is an issue that should be swept under the carpet. It’s an issue that needs to be explored, as there are ways in which we can alleviate or even prevent depression. ...continue reading "Coping with anxiety or depression to have a better day"

There’s no place like home!

There is nothing like being in your own surroundings. Home is a comfortable place where you can feel safe and secure; somewhere that is yours. But as you grow older or your mobility begins to deteriorate, remaining in your own home can become difficult. For some, this may lead to moving in with a family member or into residential care. Some people may find this is a relief, as living alone has become too hard. But for others, leaving their home and giving up some of their independence is an upsetting experience. So, if moving out of your residence is something you’d like to put off for as long as possible, here are some tips for staying at home for longer. ...continue reading "Tips for Staying at Home for Longer"

What is Dementia?

As we grow older, we all become more forgetful. But forgetfulness and dementia are not one and the same. Dementia is a disorder of the mental processes caused by disease or injury, and its diagnosis can be a scary thing for an adult living at home to contemplate. Living well with dementia is possible despite its effects on memory, the ability to think clearly, problem-solving, and language. The most common form of dementia is Alzheimer’s. But dementia can also begin after a singular or series of strokes, this is called vascular dementia. Dementia can develop as a gradual, almost insignificant problem – like forgetfulness. But this can steadily grow into an issue that affects day-to-day function and living. Mood and behaviour can also change. ...continue reading "Living Well with Dementia at Home"

If you’re an elderly or infirm person living at home, we at Cherish Care know falls can be a constant concern. Falls can result in broken bones, head injuries, hip fractures, or even death. Bone density is lost as we grow older, so any fall can be serious. When you are elderly or in ill health, your balance may be compromised and put you at greater risk. And whilst a person is off their feet recovering from a fall, they are less mobile and more susceptible to illness. However, preventing falls is possible if we take steps to avoid them. ...continue reading "Preventing Falls in Adults Living at Home"


For some, having some time by themselves may seem like a refreshing change, but when you are an adult living alone at home, perpetual loneliness can get you down. We all need human contact at least some of the time. We at Cherish Care know that being an adult living alone can feel isolating, and if you are in ill health, that isolation can become even more evident. ...continue reading "Loneliness in Adults Living Alone at Home"

James & Denise

Staying True to Our Values 

It seems difficult to believe that we at Cherish Care are celebrating our tenth anniversary as a domiciliary care service. We are just as passionate about Social Care today as we were in 2006. Although Cherish Care has evolved since we started out, we have always strived to adhere to our principals; providing better days for our clients at home.   ...continue reading "Cherish Care: Ten Years in the Social Care Industry "

a job in careBetter days for clients

Are you at a crossroads as far as your career is concerned? Do you feel unfulfilled in your present employment, and long to do something rewarding? Maybe you're concerned about the welfare of elderly or disabled adults. Do you think that you could make a difference in helping them to live independently with care at home? Then a job in care may be something to consider. We at Cherish Care are passionate about improving the lifestyle of the older person or those living with a disability. Our mission is to ...continue reading "Is a Job in Care a Career Choice for You?"

healthy eatingA healthy diet for an older adult is essential; eating well can improve our mental agility, affect our energy levels and even our emotional state. However, energy requirements decrease with advancing years. This is due to a reduction in muscle and an increase in fat as we age, meaning that our metabolism falls. What’s more, we generally become less active as we age. Therefore, our diets must alter as we grow older. But that doesn’t mean healthy eating needs to be about ‘dieting’. Rather, we need to concentrate on eating ‘well’. ...continue reading "Healthy eating for older adults living at home"

Sometimes it can be an uphill battle to do the smallest thing if you are feeling tired, ill or a bit frail. Having a Personal Carer from a home care company like Cherish Care means you can have a little help just at the right time to make a big difference to your day. ...continue reading "A better day is when a little help makes the biggest difference…"