A personalised home care service that is all about a better day for you

Cherish Care provides personalised care for adults in their own homes. Visiting clients at pre-agreed time(s) of the day to carry out personal care and domestic tasks, our fully trained Personal Carers are committed to making day-to-day life easier so that our clients can continue to live at home independently. Our aim is to make each day a better day.

The home care service we provide is completely flexible and starts from just a minimum of 30 minutes. Below are a few typical home care scenarios to demonstrate what we could do to help you.

Two visits make a better day for Mrs P

Mrs P is 94 years old and can’t get around easily any more. She struggles to get up, washed and dressed in the morning and sometimes finds preparing meals hard work, but she likes to sort out her own medication. Following a discussion with Tracey from the Care Management Team, a care plan was put in place. Mrs P’s Personal Carer visits every day at 9.00am for 45 minutes, helping Mrs P to wash and dress, prepare breakfast and make a sandwich for lunch. In the evening there is another visit at 6.00pm for half an hour when the Personal Carer prepares Mrs P’s dinner. Importantly, these visits are also about providing company for Mrs P who always enjoys a friendly chat.

Improving Mr G’s quality of life means a better day for him – and his wife

Mr G has multiple sclerosis, which means he is unable to move himself. He has a hoist to help him out of bed into his electric wheelchair and his wife cares for him for most of the day, but Cherish Care supports Mr G with his personal care. In the morning two Personal Carers visit for an hour (two people are required to use the hoist safely) to help Mr G into the shower, use the toilet, get dressed and into his wheelchair, after which his wife helps him with breakfast. There is another visit at lunchtime for half an hour to help Mr G back to bed as he gets tired in his chair. Finally Mr G has a visit at 9pm to help him get ready for bed. Despite his difficult situation, Mr G has a wonderful sense of humour and his Personal Carers always keep the mood light, with lots of fun and laughter. Occasionally, Mr G’s wife takes a daytrip to London to visit her family, and Cherish Care provide some much needed respite care. A Personal Carer keeps Mr G company for four hours, as well as doing some housework and ironing for Mrs G.

Enjoy a better day thanks to Cherish Care personal carer who truly understands your needs

Cherish Care’s home care services are individual to you, giving you choice, control and independence. Our visits are about you but we know there may be specific activities you need some help with. This routine can be reassuring and the practical tasks we do are important to you. We also know your needs may change from day to day so our Personal Carers will always listen to you and work with you to provide the support you need.

The personal home care services below are suggestions of ways we can help. But everyone’s needs are different, so if you require something not listed, do please get in touch with us.

Personal care

Health, wellbeing and confidence can be affected if you struggle with personal care. Whether you want help to have a weekly bath or need daily support for more complex issues, we can support you with this important part of your personal life. We can also help you with and/or administer most types of medication.

Food preparation

Food is one of life’s necessities but it should also be a pleasure. However, if standing for any length of time is a problem or your hands just won’t quite do what you want them to, making a meal can become a chore. Why not let us make life a little easier by preparing and cooking your meals and making sure you have them when you want them. We can also help you with ordering food and shopping.

Companionship and socialising

Poor health can sometimes lead to isolation and loneliness, and companionship can make a really positive difference to general wellbeing. We always make sure that our visits aren’t just about providing practical care and assistance. Our Personal Carers are warm and friendly people, always happy to chat and provide companionship – their visits become something to look forward to.

Everyone enjoys getting out and about and that shouldn’t have to change just because you’re less mobile. With Cherish Care there’s no need to miss out on the social events you enjoy. Whether you simply want to visit a friend, go shopping or attend an appointment we’ll help you maintain your independence by arranging for a Personal Carer to take you and stay with you.

Practical assistance in your home

Your home environment should be a comfortable and happy place, but keeping it running smoothly can be hard work. We’re happy to take on general domestic jobs so you can save your energy for whatever you’d rather be doing.

Support for family and friends

We know that caring for a loved one can be physically and emotionally exhausting. Our experienced Personal Carers will give you as much help and advice as possible to support you in your caring responsibilities. We can advise you on some of the financial implications of care and help you think about who to talk to about funding.

It’s also important to remember that you deserve some care and attention too, which is why Cherish Care offers a respite care service. When you need time out to recharge your batteries, one of our Personal Carers will come in and ensure your loved one is looked after for the hours that you need for yourself.

Emergency situations

If an emergency occurs during your home care visit, arrangements can be made quickly to make sure you’re supported for as long as you need. Cherish Care can also provide you with emergency help outside your planned visit times.

Additionally, if you or your loved one goes into hospital, we’ll hold your visit times open for a minimum of two weeks or longer if we can.

Ready to find out more?

Finding the right home care and support can be daunting task, but we aim to make it as easy as possible.

Simply call us on 01273 494990. Our office staff will listen, take details of your needs and answer any questions you may have. Your details will then be passed to our Care Management Team who will get back to you within 48 hours to arrange a free ’coffee chat‘ meeting. If care is needed urgently we will always consider providing immediate care if possible.

The coffee chat is an opportunity to get to know you a little better so that we fully understand what is important to you and how you like things done. We’ll look at how we can best support you, how often you want us to visit and the duration of each visit. We want you to have choice and control when having care at home so we’ll work with you to develop your unique Care Plan. This Care Plan can and will be adapted as and when your needs change; we will review it with you regularly to ensure we are consistently getting it right for you.

Cherish Care doesn’t have a ‘one-size fits all’ approach or set care packages. We are totally flexible in the home care we provide so please contact us for a no-obligation chat today.