Cherish Care is proud to have helped many clients have a better day

This is the beginning of our care journey and who knows how long it will last, but I wanted to put on record how professional but friendly everyone has been whether in person or on the phone. Humour as been part of our interactions which to us has been important as this whole set up is alien to us. Long may to continue and I honestly think it will.

Although your time looking after my Mum was very brief (a few days before her admission to a care home), your service was notably reliable and caring. The carers who visited were very considerate of Mum’s needs and difficulties and were friendly and attentive at a difficult time in her life. Everyone that I dealt with at the Office was similarly helpful and sympathetic. Thank you all. I would have no hesitation in recommending you to others.

For the last 15 months of his life Cherish Care supported my husband with great kindness and courtesy. I couldn’t manage to care for him on my own but wanted to keep him at home and with Cherish Care’s help we managed that.

By building trust my husband and I were able to manage his dementia for longer. There was no way I could have coped without Cherish Care. Definitely choose them because of their willingness to be flexible, to quickly connect with the cared for and carer, to support and to listen. A very special, friendly care company.

Cherish Care understands that Alzheimer’s Disease does not define the person. They are considerate of Mum’s view of herself, respectful, encouraging and, above all, kind. They understand that some days are good and others not so bright, but they are always calm and dependable. There have been many occasions when we have thanked our lucky stars.

I am confident knowing that the carers coming in the evening to help me with my meal will not let me down. I know from the schedule provided who to expect.“

I recommend Cherish Care for the thoughtfulness, kindness and understanding they provide. They are very professional.

This is the one hour in the day that my husband can be independent with help and give me the break I need. Cherish Care have never let us down. In the worst of the snow and ice they were not a minute late. They even offered to get supplies if I could not.

I have carers that really care. I now have a company of friends, you’ll never find better, anywhere.

Satisfaction guaranteed and a friendly atmosphere.

Anyone who has an ongoing health problem, you will not have a better care company to look after your needs. I am now in my second year with Cherish Care and do wonder what my life would have been like without them.

Every effort is made to apply patient and thoughtful care and common sense in variable situations.

My carers have become like real family friends: they cheer me up, laugh, do all the little things I cannot do, start my day with a smile, raise my spirits. They are a great source of joy.

It is very reassuring to know that Mum is receiving extra help. Their skills can highlight any problems which we do not see. Just having contact with carers brings variety and interest to long days.

Without Cherish Care I would need to be in a nursing home.

I would absolutely recommend Cherish Care as an honest, caring and efficient company.