Specialist Care

DSC02753Care for those with dementia

Being specialists in dementia care has given us an insight into the daily lives of families living with this condition. Our aim has always been to give you as much control over your day as possible by being flexible and able to adapt to whatever is happening that day. By coming alongside you with some gentle guidance or assistance, joining you on your journey, we can build a trusting relationship for you to have a better day.

To get this right we have a dementia team, led by Tina Bedwell, who have the training to provide meaningful care to our clients but also support to family and friends. This includes Dementia Friends training from our local charity Know Dementia. The care plans we use focus on what can be achieved, establishing routines that get the daily essentials (meals and personal care) done. With good local links, getting out and about is also a great way we can help you continue to feel part of your community.

With support from Cherish Care you can continue to have a good quality of life in the familiar surroundings of your home. As a family member if you are providing help to a loved one with dementia, a bit of help from Cherish Care can give you the time and space to cope with this challenging role.

Care at the end of life

Staying at home when you are approaching the end of life can be comforting and the wish of many people. Knowing you have specialists in end of life care to support you and your family at home means you can plan things just how you want them. Cherish Care can give you help and support in developing an advanced care plan so that your choices are considered when the end of life nears. Working with our partners in care, such as the local hospices and community nursing team, we can be flexible in providing the right care at the right time.

Our dedicated end of life team, led by Tracey Tyler, has the right training to listen, chat through your options and help ease the fear of the unknown. Through our understanding of a range of medical conditions, we can tailor the support we provide to fit the situation you and your family may face.

By understanding your wishes, we can help you to be as comfortable as possible in what can be difficult circumstances. Offering support for your loved ones can allow them to take space if they need it.