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We at Cherish Care have often discussed recruitment on this blog, but today we wanted to speak to a certain section of society that we feel may obtain real benefits from working with us. We have been considering women from the baby boomers generation, and want to discuss what we believe we can offer them with a role in social care. Of course, we are more than happy to consider an application from any age group or gender.

I love the job I do. The feeling of making a difference to people’s lives is amazing and rewarding. There is lots of support at Cherish Care, any problems are easily sorted. I wish I’d joined Cherish Care years ago!” ...continue reading "Baby Boomers: your community needs you!"

Recently on this blog, we discussed the ongoing need to recruit quality staff at Cherish Care. But continuing on from this, we felt it might be useful to take an in-depth look at the role of a Personal Carer, what that job entails, and what skills are needed to fulfill this important job. Looking at the very minutiae of this role may help you decide if this is a career path for you. ...continue reading "What is the role of a Personal Carer at Cherish Care?"

Cherish Care is recruiting

As discussed on this blog previously, recruitment at Cherish Care is a topic that is always very close to our hearts. We would not be here without our dedicated, passionate, and caring members of staff. But we are always on the lookout for new and dynamic people to join our team. Could you be one of those people? ...continue reading "Cherish Care: Join our Team"