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Any one of us can experience an episode of anxiety or depression; be it short-lived or long-term. No matter what our age, gender, or background, we can all be susceptible to deteriorating mental wellbeing. It has been suggested that one in four adults have been affected by their mental health. However, as we age, depression can become more commonplace. The longer we live, the more difficulties we may have to face; ill health, bereavement, loss of independence and mobility, loss of income – these situations can all add to our list of worries. But we must not consider mental illness par for the course as we become elderly or infirm. We at Cherish Care don’t think mental health is an issue that should be swept under the carpet. It’s an issue that needs to be explored, as there are ways in which we can alleviate or even prevent depression. ...continue reading "Coping with anxiety or depression to have a better day"


For some, having some time by themselves may seem like a refreshing change, but when you are an adult living alone at home, perpetual loneliness can get you down. We all need human contact at least some of the time. We at Cherish Care know that being an adult living alone can feel isolating, and if you are in ill health, that isolation can become even more evident. ...continue reading "Loneliness in Adults Living Alone at Home"